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The Yankee Flyer was established by Don and Mary Gorman in 1954.  It was one of the first publications of its kind.  The Flyer is a weekly advertising publication delivered to over 58,000 homes and businesses in 21 central Connecticut towns.  The web site is currently visited by more than 25,000 weekly viewers.


The Yankee Flyer Web Site was created to give the same look as the paper itself.   Each week a computer program builds the week's edition from the classified ads text and the display ads graphics.

All classifieds placed with the Flyer appear in the web site edition.   Any display ad that is 1/2 page or smaller and all cartoons have a link to an enlarged view accessable by simply clicking on the picture with your mouse.

From the home page you can access the current week's edition, see a page detailing how to contact the flyer, search the Flyer, or place a classified ad.  To navigate through the web site edition of the flyer, you simply click on the NEXT and BACK buttons at the top and bottom of every page.


The Yankee Flyer Web Site has two search options, Standard Searches and Advanced. Both Searches search both classified and display ads.

The Standard Searches give you a list of pre-defined searches, simply choose a search category from the dropdown list and click on the SEARCH button. Be sure to click the button as on some browsers pressing the Enter or Return key will not execute the search.

The Advanced Search is accessed from a link at the bottom of the Standard Search page. The Advanced Search is for searching for words or phrases. Enter the word or phrase you want to search for and click on the SEARCH button.

Also, there are special characters you can use in the Advanced Search. For those of you familiar with SQL REGEXP (Regular Expressions), this is how you are searching. You don't have to be a computer scientist to use the advanced search feature though.

Here is a list of special characters:

Character Matches
. (period} any single character
q? (question mark} zero or one q
q* (asterisk} zero or more q's
q+ (plus sign} at least one q
q{x}  x instances of q
q{x,}  at least x instances of q
q{,x}} up to x instances of q
q{x,y} between x and y instances of q
^q starts with q
q$ ends with q
(pqr) grouping (matches pqr)
q|z either q or z
[ ] character classes (e.g. [a-z],[0-9])
\ escapes a special character \* etc.
Some Examples:
will match car cars cartoons Carlton; i.e. anything starting in car.

will match Jon, John, and Johnathon

will match color or colour

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