The Yankee Flyer

Who We Are & How We Got Here

Our Story

The Yankee Flyer is an advertising paper that was started by Don and Mary Gorman in May of 1954 

The Yankee Flyer is an advertising paper that was started by Don and Mary Gorman in May of 1954 to fulfill a vision they had of providing a vehicle for small businesses to reach local residents…and to provide an important vehicle to help local residents find essential goods and services offered by local businesses.  The idea of supporting local business is as important and relevant today as it was when the Yankee Flyer first started nearly 70 years ago.

What began as a flyer delivered to 4,100 homes has grown into a publication that is mailed each week to nearly 41,000 households in Bloomfield and the Farmington Valley.

Today, the paper continues to be created and printed at a plant in Bloomfield where it has been located for more than six decades.  In response to the gaining popularity of the internet, in 1995 the weekly issues of the Yankee Flyer became available on a newly created website. In the fall of 2020, the website was revamped to give online users a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

The Yankee Flyer continues to be operated by the Gorman family.  In 2016, Don and Mary’s son Matt and wife Lorri stepped in to run the business.


What We Do

The Yankee Flyer is a publisher of business and personal advertising. For nearly 70 years, businesses and people in Bloomfield and the Farmington Valley have relied on The Yankee Flyer to help connect buyers and sellers of goods and services.

1. Print

Display and classified ads are submitted to sales staff at the Yankee Flyer. Artists then assist in creating an effective ad. Ads are aggregated into a master layout of the weekly flyer. Using the master layout, approximately 45,000 copies of the Yankee Flyer are produced on the printing press.

2. Distribute

- By Mail : The Flyers are bundled for distribution to local Postal offices for mailing to 41,000 residents in Avon, Bloomfield, Canton, East Granby, Granby, Farmington and Simsbury.
- By Drops in strategic locations: Copies of the Yankee Flyer are left in different locations in surrounding towns (see Distribution for map).

3. Website

The weekly publication is posted to the website. Previous editions are also available. Place a Classified or Display Ad.

4. Results

The Yankee Flyer provides a valuable means of connecting local businesses with local residents. Advertisers report great results from advertising in the Yankee Flyer (see Testimonials).

Our Experience

The Yankee Flyer has been publishing weekly since 1954. For nearly 70 years, The Yankee Flyer has been connecting local businesses with consumers; and importantly, over that time, we have provided people living in Bloomfield and the Farmington Valley an easy way to find goods and services offered by local businesses. Our nearly 70 years in business is a testament to the success of our advertising outreach, and a testament to the trust and loyalty of our readership.

Each skid is labeled for its destination within the Connecticut Region.

The Yankee Flyer In Numbers

Advertising in The Yankee Flyer works for our customers and our readers. 
This success is evidenced by the number of returning business advertisers each year and the number of personal classified advertisers each year.

Years in business
40 +
Returning business display advertisers each year
90 +
Returning business classified advertisers each year
90 +
Personal classified advertisers per year