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One of the reasons the Yankee Flyer has been in business for over half a century now, is that we are a well-seen publication in our target area of 9 towns in Hartford County.  Don and Mary Gorman established The Yankee Flyer in 1954.  It was one of the first publications of its kind.

The Yankee Flyer is a weekly advertising publication delivered to over 47,500 homes and businesses.  In 1995, we started a website in response to the gaining popularity of the internet.  The Yankee Flyer website has become a well known and popular website that was created to give the same look as the paper itself.   Each week the computer program builds the new week's edition from the classified ads text and the display ads graphics.

The Yankee Flyer hosts its own website and has the ability to customize our website to any of our own or our customer's needs.  We offer our display ad customers the ability to place a link in their display ads which will open their own website on a separate page.

We were certainly one of the first internet publications when we went online in 1995. Don Gorman and I realized in the very beginning, that the only way to put the Flyer online would be to automate the creation of the website pages using a computer program. For a human to manually cut and paste and format all the display ads with the classifieds by hand would take too long. We also decided it was best to host our own website on our own servers. Now, twenty one years later, there are still many weekly publications that can not do what we do online. Every week, the custom program scans the display ad graphics and reads in all the classified ads and then creates the 30 - 40 website pages and updates the associated search engine. This is done all in-house.

It seems amazing that our very first editions were published using software running on Windows 3.1!

More and more people inside the delivery area and beyond, go on-line to view the Yankee Flyer.  The market share reached by The Yankee Flyer continues to grow steadily each and every month.

All classifieds placed with The Yankee Flyer appear in the web site edition.   All display ads and cartoons have a link to an enlarged view accessible by simply clicking on the picture with your mouse.

From the home page you can access the current week's edition, see a page detailing How to Contact The Yankee Flyer, Search The Yankee Flyer classifieds and display ads, Place a Classified Ad or view the Previous Four Internet Editions of The Yankee Flyer.  To navigate through the web site edition of The Yankee Flyer, you simply click on the BACK and NEXT ARROWS at the top and bottom of every page.

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