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Who we are

The Yankee Flyer has been a publisher of business and personal advertising for nearly 70 years. Located in Bloomfield Connecticut, our mission is to provide an effective way for small businesses to reach local residents in the surrounding area, and to provide an easy way for local residents to find essential goods and services offered by local businesses. The Yankee Flyer is mailed each week to 41,000 residents in Bloomfield and The Farmington Valley. Several thousand additional copies are circulated to surrounding towns through our Drop Locations (see Distribution tab for map). 

Why choose us

Our nearly 70 years in business is a testament to the success of our advertising outreach, and a testament to the trust and loyalty of our readership.

The Yankee Flyer Website

In 1995 the weekly issues of the Yankee Flyer became available on a newly created website. In the fall of 2020, the website was revamped to give online users a more efficient and enjoyable experience.


The Yankee Flyer website continues to grow in popularity, reaching more and more people inside the delivery area and beyond. 

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Learn about our story and how we got here. Now Connecticut's top classified distributors.

Our Services

Yankee Flyer handles all aspects of classified placement. This includes design, print, and distribution.

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